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We plan the regular EPBF/UPBF meeting in Amsterdam on Feb.11
All the Federations are invited (affiliated and not-affiliated)! If you plan to come, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

European Paintball Rules

EPBF Rules Book v.1.0 to download (in PDF format):



Rule Modification Announcement for 2017 Season

Use of the Chin Strap:

In order to make this part of the Rules clear for everyone, we remind all the players that using EC & ASTM approved goggles fitted with the manufacturer's chin strap is mandatory.


Overtime rules changing:

Point 8.16.4 of the current EPBF Rules book is changed to:

  • “If the 5 minute overtime results in a stalemate, the two teams will each select a player to compete in a One-on-One. The One-on-One will be 2-minutes and is sudden death; the first player to eliminate the opposing player or hit the buzzer at the opponent’s base will win the match.
  • If both players are still alive at the end of 2 minutes, the one nearest their opponents start base will win the match.



Rule Modification Announcement for 2012 and 2013 Seasons

The EPBF has 2 rule modifications for the 2012 season, which the Millennium Series has accepted and will implement for their 2012 Events. A further 2 rule modifications will be implemented for the 2013 season.

For 2012 Season

Staging Area:
No communication is allowed by anyone from the designated staging area to the active field of play during any team points or matches.

This means no pit side coaching will be allowed anymore. Teams, managers, pit crew or any other person will not be allowed to coach from the pit area. Teams violating this rule will be penalized in accordance with existing rules.

False Starts:
For 2012 any players false starting by removing the barrel of the gun from the start gate before the start signal is given, will NOT be automatically pulled from the point, as long as they immediately return it to the gate (touch back).

Even if the signal goes before they have returned it, they may still return the barrel to the gate (touch back) and then can continue.  If they fail to return the barrel to the gate (touch back) either before or after the start signal is given, they will be eliminated.

If, however, a player posts their marker or fires it before the start signal regardless as to whether they later touch back, they will be eliminated in the normal manner.

For 2013 Season

Prohibited Equipment:
The colour yellow is prohibited on any players equipment or clothing, except that a player's jersey, pants, gloves or shoes may have yellow, so long as no part of the yellow colouring is more than 0.25 cm from some other colour, and no more than 10% of any 5cm by 5cm square on clothing or item is yellow.

For reference purposes, 'yellow' is any colour similar to Pantone colours 101, 102, 107, 108, 109, 116, 3945, 3955, 3965, and 803, although any head judge may prohibit any equipment they believe interferes with the judges' ability to officiate effectively.

Paintballs may NOT contain PINK, RED, or ORANGE fill.

In future The EPBF will be setting organized time lines for the consideration of any rule changes by the rules committee via National Federations, and will in any case, announce by November 2012 for the 2013 and 2014 season. Announcements on the procedure will be placed on the EBPF website in due course.


EPBF Rules book will be available soon.




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